Sterling silver interchangeable earrings

Wanting to always expand my lovely business and offer you more beautiful treats! 

Here i introduce to you my newest range of earrings that come in all different designs and colours.

Sterling silver kidney-style hooped earrings with beautiful, intricate hand stitched unique designs. 


And the best part, is that you can purchase several as they are 100% interchangeable!

So mix 'n' match" and really make them your own, amazing for travel space too!! 

Prickly Purl Cactus

Weather you're a green fingered wizard and everything you touch blossoms or no matter how hard you try, you just can't keep your little house plant alive!


Well here is your answer to having your own permanent green buddy 100% un-killable!

Fruit salad Galore

Why not wear one of your 'Five A Day' as well as eating them!

Here we have a wonderfully fresh collection of juicy fruits all ready for you to devour.

From cheeky cherries to awesome apples, we can do them all!

Funky swiss Cheeses

Inspired by my latest birthday gift, I fell in love with the shapes of these leaves and wanted to create something equally as original and unique. 

Every one is slightly different in their own little way, but packed with as much personality as another!