Breast Cancer Awareness

Cancer has always been around my family, either before or during my lifetime, but I never had a very close person to me ever go through it, until a couple years ago. I was suddenly sent into a dream like state, where I buried myself into work in an attempt to focus and distract. Not the way to deal with it at all, in hindsight might not have been the best approach. Which is why just yesterday I decided it was time to confront it, in the best way I have found for my mental health, through embroidery!

With the permission from this person, I have created a collection dedicated to Cancer Awareness and donate 20% of all my sales to The Marsden Hospital Cancer Charity!

So, let's celebrate the survivors that battled like warriors to reach the light at the end of the tunnel! Or remember those who have found peace and keep them present with a little memento. But also the doctors and researchers that continue their own battle to fight this virus. xx

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