Life is but a Stage...isn't it?

As a Costume Freelancer, going through this strange world with work being cancelled, I decided to take some control and perfect my embroidery skills. It gave me an aim to for the day and helped with my mental health, creating surprise embroidery presents for friends and family, to bring them joy. Many of them are also creatives in an uncertain industry, theatre and the arts.

I then thought about creating a personal collection of all the plays I had seen in the past, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Theatre had always had a special hold on my heart, after being lucky to have seen many plays as a child and discovering my passion for working back stage.

Following receiving the reactions from my surprise gifts, I was intrigued to see if anyone else fancied one for themselves, so I began this exciting adventure!!

In this collection you will find embroidery from musicals like Les Misérables, Wicked and Come from Away. If you have a fond memory of a certain play or ballet, please don't hesitate to contact me, as it will be pleasure to bring it to life! Either to hang on your Christmas tree or on your wall.

In these crazy times, it is important to take everyday as it comes, or every embroidery as it comes!!

Stay safe,

Celia xx

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